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Drum roll please…

Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to unveil the newest release in the WowYow ecosystem: the WowConnect Publisher Plug-In for WordPress!

Yes, we know the name isn’t very exciting, but the tech is incredible.

We have introduced a totally new way for video professionals to profit from their skills and abilities, not just with future projects they will create, but on already-released past projects as well. Plus, this new revenue stream is RESIDUAL. It doesn’t end when the project is complete (like work-for-hire), but continues to generate revenue for the life of the video. As long as the plug-in is enabled, and your online video is being watched, it will continue to work for you.


Our friends at Rowlbertos Media have had great success with the new plug-in, so we’ve invited them to showcase their work and the plug-in in action. 

Instead of watching passively, viewers can explore what they see onscreen and discover more about the video. (Follow this link from a laptop, desktop, or android device and click on items that interest you while the video plays.)

One quick stop by their website ( and you’ll see that Rowlbertos is doing amazing and innovative work. The WowConnect WordPress Plug-in has given them a way, outside of YouTube, to engage their audience and tap into a previously nonexistent stream of residual revenue.

Traditionally, video professionals have generated money in two ways:

  1. Work for Hire (commercial work, event videography, etc)
  2. Selling/Fundraising (sponsorships, stock video, subscriptions)

Since the WowConnect plug-in monetizes what’s on screen, without requiring the content creators to have millions of views, plays, or subscribers, WowConnect users are able to quickly begin generating revenue from their existing video inventories.

Rowlbertos immediately recognized the value of WowYow as a monetization tool, jumped on board, and is seeing huge returns.

According to Rowlbertos project manager, Preston Roeschlein, “[WowYow] allows our viewers to directly engage with our content. This has exponentially increased our revenue streams in ways we never thought possible. Not only are we seeing a massive return on the content we create, but consumers feel more in control so we’ve also seen a spike in conversion!”


Their static content, although already exciting and engaging, is now supercharged. Instead of watching passively, viewers can explore what they see onscreen and discover more about the video they are watching. For Rowlbertos fans, this means learning more about the featured artists, getting connected to the latest music, and discovering the gear and wardrobe choices of their favorite bands.

“As content creators we are always looking for ways to increase interaction with video. Technology keeps advancing in all directions and there’s always a new way to engage with your audiences. We’re excited that WowYow tech being used in our videos will increase discovery and interaction for our fans. It allows us to keep an eye on what people are liking and what they are not so we can give them more of the good stuff! Also, making a chunk of change on content we’re already making doesn’t hurt either! ” Robert Knauf, COO of Rowlbertos Media.

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More and more videos are being powered with WowYow technology, so be sure to be on the lookout for videos with our icon in the top right corner.

The new plug-in will soon be available for download in the WordPress Plug-In Directory (

Publishers looking to better engage and monetize video assets should email to learn more and get started.

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