About WowYow

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WowYow was founded on its quest to answer this question: Why can’t I discover what’s inside video? Everything else is a result of answering that simple question.

We are completely changing the way Publishers Engage Audiences and Monetize Video, Advertisers connect with an Consumers and Viewers experience Video.

We have created a solution that increases the value of video content for three key stakeholders: Publishers, Advertisers and Viewers. We have solved the riddle that provides maximum value for publishers and creates the highest value customers for advertisers while allowing viewers to control the advertising they consume.

Our core technology focuses on creating interactivity within digital video. Viewers can now discover what’s inside video by engaging and interacting with the content they consume.

WowConnect; our core strategy, is an entirely new method of video advertising and builds a foundation for an advertising model never seen before. When viewers engage with content they are in control over their advertising experience.

The moment viewers click/tap their interest, they are redirected to that interest and instantly become a potential customer. This is the purest form of highly targeted traffic advertisers seek, a customer who actively pursued them.

As a result of this interaction content creators and publishers all benefit by generating revenue never before possible.

WowYow, a company that offers a solution truly addressing the needs of the market. Oh, and we’re having some serious fun along the way!

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