About WowYow

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WowYow was founded on the quest to answer this one simple question: Why can’t I learn more about what’s inside a video?

Without a clear, simple answer, WowYow created a solution.

We took our passion for digital video innovation and visual AI, put together a team of talented, hard-working visionaries and set out to build the future of video advertising.

Our goal is to solve some of the most pressing problems with content, advertising, and video monetization in the digital media industry today.

Our proprietary “LOOK Technology” automatically identifies, catalogues, and monetizes everything seen within video. It’s simple, seamless, and offers feature-rich capabilities that connect the video content goals of WowYow’s three key stakeholders: publishers, advertisers and viewers.

This transformative approach to advertising increases the value of video content, and maximizes the financial investment for our diverse user base – all in one platform. As an advanced form of advertising, WowYow is designed to leverage consumer behaviors already in play online, and provide an agile, profitable, repeatable way for all stakeholders to benefit.

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